Instead of writing about myself, I figured I should just post the interview I had, just last week, with Ms. Blackbeary Jam of The Forest Times.

All Roads Lead to Illustration

~ But This Person Took A Really Long One ~

Dorit Eliyahu requested to meet at a coffee shop. The only coffee shop here in Black Forest is the lovely Berta's, where beverages are served in delicate china, with a slice of heaven on the side. Of course, I ordered Black Forest, the signature cake of this fine establishment. Ms. Eliyahu did the same.

Ms. Blackbeary Jam: Okay, now that we both had our coffee, tell me a bit about your childhood. Have you always wanted to become an illustrator?

selfie with Ms. Blackbeary Jam

Ms. Eliyahu: I have always liked drawing and being around animals. My dream was to become a veterinarian.

BJ: Hmm... I am guessing that dream did not come true. Probably because you kept doodling in your notebook instead of listening in class.

DE: In fact, I was doing quite well in school, but you're right, the margins of my notebooks were covered with doodles and portraits of my teachers. Nevertheless, I did end up going to vet school.

BJ: But then you realized you could not stand the sight of blood. I know that I can't!

DE: No, that wasn't it. It's just that after a few semesters I realized that what I really wanted to do was to study insects. So I went on to become an entomologist.

BJ: Ooh, I love insects! Especially honeybeets!

DE: Honeybeets are not technically insects...

BJ: They are wonderful insects. I would love to hear all about what you were studying when you were an etymologist.

DE: Entomologist. Well, you can find all about it here.

BJ: Fascinating. So you spent years upon years studying communication in moths, roaches, termites, ants, bugs, thrips, and caterpillars! Why did you stop? You couldn't handle their cuteness?

DE: Yes, I studied communication in insects, and I also taught biology and nutrition in college.

BJ: Nutrition? And you still eat cake. Good for you! Now answer my question.

DE: It's very simple. I just wanted to do something more creative.

BJ: Well, that explains it. Now, your name, Dorit. It's weird, don't you agree? Were your parents particularly fond of a certain snack?

DE: Well, the name's not that unusual where I come from.

BJ: Where is that?

DE: Israel. And actually, it was the snack that was named after me.

BJ: I see. I actually find it hard to believe. Anyway,thank you very much for your time.

DE: Thank you, Ms. Jam. It's been a pleasure.

BJ: Same here. Off you go now.

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